Matt Miller

Former Research Assistant
2011 - Present
B.A. Candidate in Urban Studies, Minor in African & African American Studies, Minor Environmental Engineering (Class of 2012)
Twitter: @MattJMillz


Matthew Miller is a man of many hats: a racial justice organizer, an urban planning hopeful, a young educator, and to most professionals (including the Center), an environmental justice scholar-activist. Emerging from the Central Valley city of Tracy as a first-generation college student, he aims to bring all of his passions together for community uplift through his research on eco-apartheid. He has already done so both on and off campus through his award-winning work in the Stanford NAACP as the co-President in 2010-11, the national NAACP as a youth policymaker, the Green Alliance for Innovative Action as a co-founding Executive Board liaison, and by teaching his own student-initiated course on environmental justice in Winter 2010. This past Spring 2011, he also was a research assistant for the Climate Policy Database Project under Ryan Orr and David Fedor where he create a topic guide and catalogued policies on the nation’s landfill methane energy projects. In summer of 2010, he was a Haas Center for Public Service Urban Summer Fellow where he interned for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Los Angeles in which he began environmental toxicological research that forms the basis of his upcoming senior thesis on polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in Oakland as a historical case study of the national disparities. A portion of it is currently in publication phase through the Spatial History Lab. He also does public speaking to youth occasionally. When he is not pretending to be a superhero, Matt enjoys running, the arts, movies, and traveling.


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