Watershed: Exploring a New Water Ethic for the New West

Part of the "Ripple Effects" Film Series
Monday, February 10, 2014
7:00 - 9:00 pm


Clark Center Auditorium
Stanford University

318 Campus Drive West
Stanford, CA 94305

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Executive produced and narrated by Robert Redford, Watershed explores the future of the heavily dammed and diverted Colorado River in an era of rising population and climate change. Presentation of the film on February 10 will be followed by a Q&A session with one of the film's producers, Jill Tidman.

This screening is part of the yearlong film series "Ripple Effects" on the past, present, and future of western water, which is co-sponsored by Water in the West. Please RSVP using the link above.

From the filmmakers:

As the most dammed, dibbed, and diverted river in the world struggles to support 30 million people and the peace-keeping agreement known as the Colorado River Pact reaches its limits, Watershed introduces hope.

Can we meet the needs of a growing population in the face of rising temperatures and lower rainfall in an already arid land? Can we find harmony amongst the competing interests of cities, agriculture, industry, recreation, wildlife, and indigenous communities with rights to the water?
Sweeping through seven U.S. and two Mexican states, the Colorado River is a lifeline to expanding populations and booming urban centers that demand water for drinking, sanitation and energy generation. And with 70% of the rivers’ water supporting agriculture, the river already runs dry before it reaches its natural end at the Gulf of California. Unless action is taken, the river will continue its retreat – a potentially catastrophic scenario for the millions who depend on it.
In Watershed, we meet Jeff Ehlert, a fly fishing guide in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado rancher Dan James, Delta restoration worker Edith Santiago, Navajo Council member Glojean Todacheene, Rifle Colorado Mayor Keith Lambert, Los Angeles native Jimmy Lizama and a group of Outward Bound teens rafting down the Colorado River as they all reflect a compelling new water ethic—one that illuminates how letting go of the ways of old can lead to a path of coexisting with enough for all.
The Redford Center created Watershed as a inspirational social action tool for people who want to engage. Promoting personal water conservation pledges of 5% – symbolic of the small amount of the river's flow required to reconnect the river to its delta – and garnering donations to help purchase the water rights necessary to restore the connectivity, Watershed is a central tool in a larger grassroots effort focused on saving the Colorado River and supporting the communities throughout the river basin.


View the trailer:


Jill Tidman, Producer

Jill Rosenblum Tidman is a writer, filmmaker and sustainability activist. Over the years she has published articles, case studies, and research reports on sustainability, and edited and promoted sustainable business books. She has also produced social issue films including the award-winning documentary Fighting Goliath: Texas Coal Wars and Watershed. She received a BA cum laude in Philosophy and Environmental Studies from the University of Vermont. Her short fiction has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.


The James H. Clark Center (at 318 Campus Drive) is located near the corner of Campus Drive West and Roth Way. Due to construction at Stanford Hospital, Roth Way and Welch Road are closed. More information on construction diversions is available from Stanford Transportation Services. We recommend parking in Parking Structure 1 and walking to the Clark Center across Campus Drive. Parking is free after 4pm.

FROM HWY. 280: Take the Sand Hill Rd, East exit and travel for approx. 2-3 miles. Turn right on Stock Farm Road. Turn left on Campus Drive West.

FROM HWY. 101: Take the Embarcadero Rd, West exit and travel for approximately 2- 3 miles. Turn right on El Camino Real. Exit at University and turn left on Palm Drive. Continue straight on Palm Drive. Turn right on Campus Drive West.


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