Center Co-Hosts State of the West Symposium

Watch complete video from the conference

The Bill Lane Center for the American West and the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research co-hosted the second annual State of the West Symposium on November 15. The symposium included panels on political demography (video), the regional economy (video part 1 and part 2), and climate change (video). Luncheon speaker Richard Fisher, president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, analyzed job creation and other economic indicators from California to Texas (video), and keynote speaker Utah Gov. Gary Herbert advocated a free-market approach to citizens’ desire for affordable clean energy (video).

"Our annual assessment of the fiscal, economic, and political state of the West produced both good and less-than-good news,” says Center director David M. Kennedy. “The West continues to be the nation's most vibrant region, though it has much work to do with respect to energy security, adaptation to climate change, and accelerating demographic transformation. And some parts of the West are healthier than others. We learned that California, in particular, with its chronic fiscal and governance difficulties, is perhaps facing long-term challenges from other states -- notably Texas -- for the mantle of regional leadership."