Large-scale Conservation on Montana's Glaciated Plains

Bigger is better when it comes to conservation efforts on Montana's glaciated plains, writes Michelle Berry, a Center intern this past summer at the American Prairie Reserve. Representing one of the largest conservation efforts in the United States, the Reserve currently spans 274,000 acres, and hopes to expand to more than three million. At the Reserve, Berry completed a 10-week internship researching historical wildlife populations. Her summer findings were recently featured in The National Geographic Society's NewsWatch blog.


Berry writes:

America’s iconic species – bison, pronghorn, elk, wolves, grizzly bears – evolved over tens of thousands of years on a wide-open continent. Over this long period of time, these species became well adapted to environmental “stochasticity,” the highly dynamic and unpredictable nature of their habitat. In fact, the prairie is one of the most dynamic ecosystems in the world.