Where Scholarship and Journalism Meet

The Bill Lane Center for the American West has always been committed to working with journalists and supporting great reporting on the West. We also believe that the growth of the Internet has increased the potential reach and impact of good journalism, as well as opening new possibilities for enhancing the user experience, like data visualization, interactivity and multimedia. But with the economic challenges facing news organizations in the current era, we are also concerned about the state of reporting on critical issues facing the West.

The Stanford News Service has a story today about the Center's efforts to develop new partnerships and collaborations with journalists, centered around our Media Fellowship program, our original reporting for our Rural West Initiative, and our work developing interactive media projects:

"We have this idea that universities have a real role to play in engaging the public," said Geoff McGhee, the center's creative director for media and communications.

The Center has increasingly been partnering with news agencies, as well as producing its own original reporting. "We can carry the weight that independent news agencies are increasingly unable to carry on their own," McGhee said.

The Center is already well known for bringing together academics on Western topics ranging from wildfire ecology to rural health care. Now, in a process that began with former executive director Jon Christensen and has continued with new associate director Kathy Zonana since her arrival in September, the Center has been bringing journalists to those academics, partnering with news agencies and conducting original reporting on the West.


If you're interested in learning more about our media fellowships and looking at some of the projects we've created in collaboration with news organizations like High Country News, Harper's Magazine, the Texas Tribune and KQED Public Media, see our post on PBS Mediashift, "Producing a Collaborative Media Fellowship Model at Stanford."