Environment and Resources

Water in the West

The Program on Water in the West — a collaboration between the Bill Lane Center for the American West and Woods Institute for the Environment at Stanford University — intends to help transform water systems built in the last century so that they are sustainable in the future, economically, ecologically, politically, and institutionally.

The program builds on Stanford’s strengths in interdisciplinary research, ability to convene diverse parties for open and constructive discussions on neutral ground, and our standing as an objective source of reliable information and analysis.

Stanford faculty, researchers, and students are focusing on three key areas in which we have the greatest potential to help promote effective water reform:

  1. Integrated groundwater and surface water management
  2. Performance measurement and information systems for sustainable water management
  3. Water recycling

Water in the West involves faculty, researchers, and students in law, economics, civil and environmental engineering, history, biology, business management, organizational behavior, computer science, data visualization, and communication. We also regularly involve partners from government, businesses, and nonprofit organizations, as well as other universities.