Research Projects

Economy and Public Policy

The Rural West Initiative

The Rural West Initiative aims to create a unique collaboration between journalists and scholars to investigate the forces transforming the rural West.    Read More »

Environment and Resources

Water in the West

The Program on Water in the West intends to help transform water systems built in the last century so that they are sustainable in the future, economically, ecologically, politically, and institutionally. The program builds on Stanford’s strengths in interdisciplinary research, ability to convene diverse parties for open and constructive discussions on neutral ground, and our standing as an objective source of reliable information and analysis.   Read More »

History and Culture

Comparative Wests

Transnational perspectives on rapid cultural, economic, and environmental transformations in the 19th century settler colonies of western Australia, western Canada, the western United States, and the Pacific Islands.   Read More »

Other Projects and Conferences

State of the West Symposium

The State of the West symposium is an annual gathering at Stanford to take stock of the economic and fiscal health of the western region. It features academic researchers, business and investment practitioners, and other stakeholders concerned with the well-being of the millions of Americans who dwell on the sunset side of the Hundredth Meridian.   Read More »

Knight-Risser Prize for Western Environmental Journalism

By recognizing the highest-quality environmental reporting about the North American West, the Knight-Risser Prize seeks to inspire journalists in all media to bring sophisticated reporting, solid environmental science, and compelling storytelling to the public, in the context of a rapidly evolving journalism landscape.   Read More »