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Center News and Notes

Mar 1 2021 | ... & the West Blog, ... & the Best | Stories Recommended by the ‘... & the West’ Blog
The department of the Interior rescinds grazing rights in Oregon; marine shippers are turning down American agricultural exports; a clam crisis in California; and other environmental reads from across the American West.

Feb 24 2021 | Center News, Happenings
Stanford students learn to build equitable, sustainable cities in a new urban planning course.
Feb 16 2021 | Center News, Happenings
A place for incoming rural students to connect with classmates who share their experiences, Rural Family Pods help build community at Stanford.
Feb 16 2021 | Center News, Happenings, Topics of the West
With Lane Center support, environmental reporter Yereth Rosen tells the story of the Bering Sea region, which has reached a "climate tipping point."
Jan 22 2021 | Center News, Happenings
The Center welcomes David Laney, Suzanne Case, Kathleen Brown and Chuck Farman.

World War II and the West It Wrought

Partial cover image of World War II and the West It Wrought

Co-edited by former Lane Center Director David M. Kennedy and Mark Brilliant, the new volume World War II and the West It Wroughtbuilds on our 2017 conference considering the War's impact on our region.

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