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Dedicated to advancing scholarly and public understanding of the past, present, and future of western North America, the Center supports research, teaching, and reporting about western land and life

Bruce Cain and Iris Hui sitting side by side

Bill Lane Center Director Bruce Cain with Senior Researcher Iris Hui

Remembering Iris Hui

We mourn the loss of our beloved colleague, mentor and friend, Iris Hui.

From left to right, Hope Eccles, Eve Lilley, and Bill Lilley

From left to right, Hope Eccles, Eve Lilley, and Bill Lilley

Remembering Bill Lilley

The Lane Center remembers Bill Lilley, a charter member of our Advisory Council, whose commitment, generosity and creativity represented unparalleled contributions to the Council’s work and the Center

wildfire smoke over the Golden Gate Bridge

Image credit: Christopher Michel

Practical tips to mitigate harm from wildfire smoke

Lane Center researchers and partners offer tips for staying safe from the smoke during wildfire season.

2021 Research Assistant Faces

Lane Center student researchers investigate salient challenges facing the West

In 2021, we’re pleased to welcome 20 RAs into the Lane Center family, with projects spanning climate change, public policy, health and other important issues in the American West.

Emily Kaplan (left) and Keith Schneider (right)

2022 Western Media Fellowships

We are proud to announce the recipients of our 2021-2022 Western Media Fellowships, Keith Schneider and Emily Kaplan.

How has the Lane Center shaped the academic and career goals of our students?

Exploring the American West with the Lane Center means SoCo in Hawaii, interning at Yosemite, researching indigenous communities and careers in local government. Learn more about the experiences of our accomplished students and alumni.

Recent News

A brine evaporation pond used to extract lithium ore in southwestern Nevada’s Esmeralda County, run by the firm Albemarle. Photo by Ken Lund via Flickr

Decarbonizing global transportation requires building a huge quantity of batteries so fleets can convert to electric power. This will mean more mining to supply the lightweight metal lithium. So far, most lithium has come from Australia, South America, and China, but eyes are turning to deposits in the United States.

The east side of the modern Sierra Nevada mountain range at the edge of the Basin and Range Province. The range crest in the background is Kings Canyon National...

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