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Researchers and Fellows


Graduate Research Fellows

Photo of Rachel Heise Bolten

Rachel Heise Bolten

Thomas D. Dee II Graduate Fellow, 2020-2021
Photo of Charlotte S. Hull

Charlotte S. Hull

Thomas D. Dee II Graduate Fellow, 2020-2021
Color headshot of Prank Joshi

Prateek Joshi

Graduate Research Assistant
Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Photo of Rebecca Miller

Rebecca Miller

PhD Candidate, Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources
Photo of Gemma Smith

Gemma Smith

Research Fellow
Major: International Policy Studies

Postdoctoral Fellows

Research Assistant

Photo of Maya Nell Burke

Maya Nell Burke

Editorial Assistant, ‘...& the West’ Blog

Benek Robertson

Editorial Assistant, ‘... & the West’ blog

Kate Selig

Editorial Assistant, ‘... & the West’ blog

Melina Walling

Editorial Assistant, ‘... & the West’ blog
Major: Environmental Communication


Joyce Kasing Tagal

Research Associate

Fellows and Affiliates

Affiliated Scholar

Photo of Jonathan Chu

Jonathan Chu

Affiliated Scholar
Photo of John H. Debs

John H. Debs

Affiliated Scholar, Advisory Council Member
Photo of Lukas Felzmann

Lukas Felzmann

Affiliated Scholar
Photo of Dian Grueneich

Dian Grueneich

Affiliated Scholar
Photo of Marc Levin

Marc Levin

Affiliated Scholar, ArtsWest
Photo of Phil Polakoff

Phillip Polakoff, MD

Affiliated Scholar, Consulting Professor, Stanford School of Medicine

Dan Rich

Local Government Advisor


Photo of Krista Comer

Krista Comer

Affiliate, Professor of English, Rice University

Joint Project Staff

Photo of Newsha Ajami

Newsha Ajami

Director of Urban Water Policy, Water in the West, Senior Research Scholar, Woods Institute for the Environment
Photo of Megan Glatzel

Megan Glatzel

Communications & Program Coordinator, Water in the West
Photo of Blas L. Pérez Henríquez

Blas L. Pérez Henríquez

Founding Director, The California Global Energy, Water & Infrastructure Innovation Initiative