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Cancelled: Rural West 2020

The Future of Ranching in the West
Thu March 19th 2020, 1:30pm
Genoa Lakes Golf Club
1 Genoa Lakes Drive
Genoa, Nevada 89411

The Rural West Conference is an annual, interdisciplinary gathering that brings together academics, practitioners and policymakers to share knowledge and ideas about the rural West. Our hope for the multi-day workshop is that it catalyzes scholarship about and solutions to this region’s pressing problems. Each spring, the Lane Center travels to a different location in the West, growing the network of individuals and organizations invested in identifying solutions to challenges of rural policy, health and environment.

The 8th Annual Eccles Family Rural West Conference is planned for March 19 in Nevada's Carson Valley. We expect the gathering to be an engaging and interdisciplinary dialogue on the critical issues facing rural communities in the American West. Under the banner of The Future of Ranching in the West, this year’s conference will focus on a variety of topics, including the shifting ownership of ranches and rural gentrification; the environmental impacts and ecological benefits of ranching; and other agenda items. During the course of the conference in the Carson Valley, panelists and speakers will address the myriad meanings and implications of these topics.