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Healthier Rural America Summit

Re-inventing a Healthier Rural America
Image shows Healthier Rural America in bolded letters with the date and location of the 2020 Summit in Omaha, Nebraska below.
Tuesday, September 15, 2020 - 10:00am
The event will be taking place via Zoom, register below

The Healthier Rural America event, produced by A Healthier WE (not-for-profit organization), aims to address many key challenges currently facing rural America by offering an inspiring vision of rural cooperation and leadership in the emerging information and health economies. This unique and highly interactive and participative Summit will draw 500 stakeholders from across the rural health ecosystem. Over the course of two days, participants will listen to inspiring talks, and participate in thought-provoking sessions aimed at re-inventing well-being in rural America.

Read the Stategic Action Plan before the event


Healthier Rural America 2020 from Vladimir Chaloupka on Vimeo.

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A Healthier We
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