A Love Affair with Yellowstone National Park

Wed October 19th 2016, 12:00 - 1:30pm
Yang and Yamazaki Energy & Environment Building (Y2E2)
Room 300
473 Via Ortega
Stanford, CA 94305
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A Love Affair with Yellowstone National Park

Janet Chapple is a Montana native whose parents once worked at Old Faithful Inn, the historic lodge in Yellowstone Park. She is the author of four editions of Yellowstone Treasures and the co-translator of the English edition of Yellowstone, Land of Wonders. Her talk will include readings of excerpts from her book, Through Early Yellowstone and highlight the unique watercolors that serve as the centerpiece for of the book.

About Through Early Yellowstone

Cover of "Through Early Yellowstone..." selected and annotated by Janet Chapple

An anthology of entertaining accounts of travel through Yellowstone, this book takes readers back to 1871, before it was a tourist destination, through the time when autos were allowed into the park. The adventurers include an intrepid mother who posted the sign "Park or Bust" on her family's covered wagon, a strong cyclist and a hiker who traversed the whole park for fun, an expert guide on skis, and a New York horsewoman who presented park management with a plan for an interconnected circuit of bridle trails. Along with numerous historical photos and artwork, the book features a color gallery of watercolor paintings by Thomas Henry Thomas from 1884 and have never been seen outside of Wales.