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Meet the EVengers

Wednesday, March 31, 2021 - 7:00pm

The Karl Knapp GoEV Program’s EVengers campaign aims to engage the Stanford community with electric vehicles. The Karl Knapp GoEV program was launched in honor of the influential Stanford professor Karl Knapp, and we continue to be involved in the Stanford community. We are recruiting Stanford-affiliated EV drivers to join our EVengers initiative. Our EVengers will inspire others by sharing their EV superhero stories. Future EV owners and ebike riders are also urged to join this important cause.

The Karl Knapp GoEV program runs regular workshops and financial incentive clinics that help educate the public about the benefits of EVs and the numerous rebates and grants that make EVs more affordable. Its newest campaign, The EVengers, shares the stories of Stanford alumni, faculty, and staff who drive electric vehicles to inspire other members of the Stanford community to go electric. The EVengers (a play on “The Avengers”) are sharing why they love their EVs and what “EV superpowers” they have gained since going electric. Captain Carbonlite has an invisible carbon footprint and Whisper’s super stealth helps her leave no trace when she drives.

About the Event

Meet the EVengers! The Karl Knapp GoEV Program has assembled a team of electrifying superheroes - the EVengers. Hear how these Stanford students, alumni, faculty, and staff gained incredible superpowers by “going EV,” including: the ability to drive in eco, stealth, or ludicrous mode, leaving no trace (of carbon) behind, and never having to go to a gas station again! Our EVengers will answer questions about their vehicles, provide tips on rebates, range, and charging, and invite you to join their next mission by becoming EVengers-in-Training (future EV adopters) at the conclusion of the EVent!

Vehicles to be discussed:

  • Tesla S
  • Tesla 3
  • Chevy Bolt
  • Nissan Leaf
  • Kia Niro EV

Plus: how to go solar and install a Tesla Powerwall!

Event Sponsor: 
The Acterra Karl Knapp GoEV Program
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