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Stanford to the Sea: April 28, 2018

Stanford to the Sea


Dear Friend of the Bill Lane Center,  

We are glad that you'll be able to join us on April 28th for our annual hike from Stanford to the Sea.

Below are resources to help you find your way around, whether you're hiking all day, just the morning or afternoon, or joining us at TomKat Ranch for dinner afterward.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Stephanie Burbank at or (650) 721-1588.


Stanford to the Sea 2018 on Flickr




The Hiking Route – and Attractions Afterward

Open the interactive map in a new window. Our 2018 map is also available as a printable pdf.


Before You Go

Please fill out the liability release form. This web form must be completed for all participants.

  Mandatory Release of Liability Form 


On the Day of the Hike

Morning-only and All-Day Hikers

  • 6:15am: Please meet at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve (4001 Sand Hill Road), rain or shine.
  • We will have coffee and bagels to start the day along with a variety of trail snacks for you to pack.
  • Please bring plenty of water, dress in layers, and wear sturdy, comfortable shoes.
  • All hikers must submit the release of liability form.
  • All-day hikers: If you parked at the Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, you'll be able to ride a shuttle bus back after dinner to pick up your car.
  • Morning-only hikers: You'll be able to ride a shuttle bus back after lunch to pick up your car.
  •   Directions to Pre-Hike Meeting Point at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve


Afternoon-only Hikers

  • 11:45am: Please meet at the Stanford Faculty Club parking lot (439 Lagunita Drive), rain or shine.
  • All hikers must submit the release of liability form.
  • Lunch will be served when we meet with the all-day hikers on Skyline Boulevard.
  • A variety of trail snacks will also be available for you to pack. Please bring plenty of water.
  • After dinner, you'll be able to ride a shuttle bus back to the Faculty Club.
  • Contact Stephanie Burbank (650-721-1588) with questions.


Events Along the Way

Morning Speaker

“From the Ground Down: Groundwater Management in California””

Tara Moran, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, Water in the West

Lunch Speaker

“My Early Journey to Climate Impact: A Stanford liberal arts education, a tour of Palo Alto Gas Stations, and a trip to the Milpitas jail””

Nancy Pfund, DBL Partners and Advisory Council, Bill Lane Center for the American West

Afternoon Speaker

“Planning for Sea Level Rise in the Bay””

Derek Ouyang, lecturer in Stanford’s Sustainable Urban Systems Initiative


Reception and Dinner at TomKat Ranch

  • A shuttle bus will take hikers from San Gregorio Beach to TomKat Ranch.
  • Guests arriving by their own transportation, please arrive no earlier than 6pm to the Ranch.
    • Turn off to enter through the gate at 2997 Pescadero Creek Road in Pescadero.
    • Drive through gate and follow gravel road approximately 1⁄2 mile (if gate is locked please call: 650-291-4989);
    • Cross the bridge and stay to the left; Drive towards barn on your left and look for appropriate parking signs.
  • After dinner, a shuttle bus will take hikers back to Jasper Ridge or the Faculty Club.


Tips for Hikers

  • Water and Snacks: Hydration, hydration, hydration. Please bring at least two 32-ounce bottles of water (or equivalent) and enough snacks to last until lunch. We will begin the day at Jasper Ridge with a light breakfast and a selection of snacks to pack away for later in the hike. We will have a late lunch at the south Purisima Creek Redwoods trailhead at 1:15 p.m. where you will be able to refill your water bottles and snacks. It is approximately 12 miles to the Purisima Creek Redwoods – a long way to go – so please bring whatever you need to keep going until then. We encourage you to eat a substantial breakfast, high in proteins and fats if possible.
  • Gear/what to wear:
    • Morning and all-day hikers are strongly advised to bring walking/hiking sticks for steep uphill segments of the Alambique trail.
    • Sunscreen, hats, insulating layers, rain/wind shell, long pants. Please bring sunscreen and hats. Comfortable, lightweight, long pants will serve as sound protection when we pass through areas with poison oak, which we will identify and seek to avoid. There are also ticks on the prowl this time of year.
    • Weather: Coastal fog often reaches all the way into the western slopes of the Purisima Creek Redwoods and temperatures are typically cool, even during the summer. Please check the forecast for possible rain. The Half Moon Bay coast, where we will dine al fresco, will be in the low 50’s, so please plan your attire accordingly for the entire trip.
    • Feet: We will be walking over mixed terrain, about half paved and half unpaved paths, and some gravel covered surfaces. Please don't try to break in new shoes or boots on the day of our walk. Wear shoes that you are very comfortable in and have walked in prior to our trek. If you have some experience that makes you think you could get a blister, be sure to take proper precautions, with tape or moleskin, etc. We will also have first-aid supplies.
    • Only bring what you can carry for the entire hike.
    • Pit stops: Public restrooms are available at the Wunderlich park entrance (early morning), Purisima Creek Redwoods lunch spot, and the end of Purisima Creek trail (late-afternoon). We will make a few strategic pit stops for restroom breaks.