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Jada Hallman and her supervisor, Emily Grossman, meet virtually to explore grant prospecting. Image credit: Jada Hallman

By Jada Hallman '23
Hometown: Tracy, California
Major: Communications
Marketing and Development Intern, Heyday Publishing

What drew you to this internship?

When I learned about Heyday's commitment to uplifting voices of Indigenous People and those of Californians across the state, I felt immediately drawn to their publishing mission. I believe that diversifying our bookshelves is imperative for our cultural understanding of our neighbors, and Heyday works tirelessly to do just that. I am very excited to spend my summer exploring the publishing industry and learning about the unique facets of Heyday that foster its welcoming community.

How does your role support the host organization’s mission?

As a Marketing and Development Intern, I help cultivate a proactive and engaging online presence using Heyday's social media platforms. Collaborating with authors and other Heyday departments, including the editorial team, graphic design, and others, I am able to support the nonprofit independent publisher from a multitude of angles.

Describe one project you will be working on this summer:

One project I am working on this summer is grant prospecting, where I work with my supervisor Emily Grossman to explore funding opportunities for Heyday. Because Heyday is a nonprofit organization, institutional partners and donors play a large role in continuing its mission to carve out spaces for stories of social justice, environmental conservation, California history, and the stories of Indigenous People. These grant opportunities will be collected for future application and financial support for publications.

How does this project relate to your studies and/or career goals?

This grant prospecting project offers me a glance into the world of nonprofit work. It is great to work on a project that will support the longevity of Heyday far beyond just a summer. Further, I am able to utilize these tools of networking and research in the future with other potential nonprofit career opportunities.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I enjoy relaxing with my two younger sisters in our family backyard and cooking! Working remotely affords me great time to spend with my family before I move back to the Stanford campus. I am very grateful to have this time with them and to make summer memories.


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