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Back to Compromise: Bruce Cain appears on Michael Krasny's "Grey Matter" podcast

On Monday, August 7, Bill Lane Center Director Bruce Cain joined Michael Krasny on his "Grey Matter" podcast for an in-depth discussion on Trump's many challenges, America's political ailments, the fragility of the nation's democracy, climate change, and more. 

Though reversing some of the environmental damage wrought by the industrial revolution is perhaps one of the most pressing governance challenges in history, Cain maintains hope that progress is possible. "One of the lessons of this is that the impact of extreme weather is going to have an effect, I believe, on the people who are doubters. It's going to take a while, but it's already happening. You see people who have had to move and evacuate because of fires - you can bet that will have an impact on their views on climate change." Record heat, the strength of storms and hurricanes, and the devastation caused by wildfire are just some of the extreme climate events that Cain sees as opening "windows of opportunity" that will make people realize - albeit the hard way - that the nation has a problem that must be solved with bipartisan compromise.

Listen to the entire conversation here on our website, or go to to read more about the episode.

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Every year, the Bill Lane Center awards a $5,000 fellowship to support a journalist illuminating crucial issues about the American West. We are proud to announce Brandon Kapelow as our 2023-2024 Western Media Fellow, and the publication of new work by last year's fellow, Janet Wilson.