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Welcome to the Bill Lane Center's "Out West" student blog. Here you'll find posts from student interns and researchers. Our students work hard on projects and at organizations across the West, and here they share their reflections on these unique experiences.


Photo courtesy of Allison Chow

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As she works to support energy development with the Yurok Tribe, Allison Chow navigates the unique relationship between tribes, investor-owned utilities, and the state 

Photo courtesy of Theo Gress

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Theo Gress shares how studying the past ecology of a place can inspire better restoration work.

Photo courtesy of Ahmad Koya

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Ahmad Koya works to preserve Skyline Forest while ensuring the broader community of Central Oregon has a say in the conservation efforts.

Photo courtesy of David Lee

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David Lee's work at the California Air Resources Board has centered on establishing a foundation for how zero-emission technologies, especially hydrogen, can play a role in the rail industry.

Photo courtesy of Jas Wheeler

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Jas Wheeler navigates the challenges presented by historic flooding and explores the day-to-day of museum work.