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A bighorn sheep lies dead by the side of U.S. Highway 85 in western North Dakota (North Dakota Department of Game and Fish)

By Felicity Barringer

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Stanford researchers have developed an AI model for predicting dangerous particle pollution to help track the American West’s rapidly worsening wildfire smoke. The detailed results show millions of Americans are routinely exposed to pollution at…

Masumoto Family Farm

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Four out of five agricultural operations in the state are small farms, but many rules, from labor law to water resource planning, were designed for industrial-size players. Can the state make room for small and diverse businesses to succeed?

Photo courtesy of Charlie Merriam

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As an intern with the California Department of Water Resources, Charlie Merriam investigates the economics of the State Water Project's energy storage options

Tree roots at La Push, home of the Quileute Tribe. Photo courtesy of Malia Maxwell.

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Malia Maxwell reflects on her summer internship in marketing and development at Heyday.