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Our latest "Up Close" looks at the WGA’s argument for moderation. Almost invisible in the political rancor of 2022, one political organization is demonstrating, its boosters argue, that bipartisanship can work. It’s the Western Governors’…

The Almeda Fire destroyed thousands of homes in Southern Oregon in September 2020. Image credit: Shutterstock

Rapidly growing communities in the American West’s forests and shrublands are nestled in zones where local soil and plant traits amplify the effect of climate change on wildfire hazards and lead to bigger burns.

Wenxi Zhao, MS '21, water resources engineer at the California Department of Water Resources

The Lane Center is co-sponsoring a new seminar series focused on more accurately framing the nature and extent of catastrophic wildfires. Speakers will share current research and best practices, with a focus on solutions to what has become an…