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Regenerative ranching, a practice that began at least two decades ago, is gaining popularity in the West. Its goal is to "create the marriage between livestock production and grass production,” according to rancher Bill Milton, in an attempt to mend…
We hope you enjoy these highlights from 2023, and we look forward to the bounty of scholarship and learning opportunities that 2024 will undoubtedly bring.
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On Nov. 29 at the Commonwealth Club of California, Bruce Cain discussed his new book on sustaining the American West in the face of grave threats from climate change.
In remembering the late Sandra Day O'Connor, BA '50, LLB '52, the Bill Lane Center for the American West reflects on the remarkable legacy of this trailblazing Supreme Court Justice, with gratitude for her service to the Western region.
Advisory Council Member Nancy Pfund and colleagues author a new paper exploring the benefits of prescribed burns, highlighting how new technologies in wildfire mitigation, vegetation management, and forestry can help prevent catastrophic fire. The…