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Exploring Montana's Glaciers from Miami's Heat

Tania Rojas spends the day at her local church. The palm trees of south Florida contrast starkly with the mountains of northern Montana. Image credit: Tania Rojas

Tania Lisseth Rojas ‘24
Hometown: Miami, FL
Major: Human Biology
Communications Intern, Glacier National Park Conservancy

Why did you want to do this internship?

When I was growing up in Nicaragua, nature was our neighbor. I wanted to do this internship because translating information about Glacier National Park to Spanish, my native language, is like paying a tribute to both my roots and the nature that watched me grow up. When I came to the United States, I felt out of place because everything was written in a foreign language. Finding something written in Spanish made me feel like home was not too far away. With my work, I hope that more people will feel welcome and at home in Glacier National Park.  

How does your role support the host organization’s mission?

My work is to translate the park's information and resources to Spanish in order to reach a more diverse audience. My work won't only inform Spanish speakers--it will also build connections between people from different backgrounds, make the park appear familiar and welcoming, and support the park's mission in celebrating "the ongoing peace, friendship, and goodwill among nations, recognizing the need for cooperation in a world of shared resources." 

Describe a project you will be working on this summer.

During this summer, I will be translating the landing pages, communicating the history, and describing the seasons and attractions of Glacier National Park in Spanish. 

How does this project relate to your studies and/or career goals?

One of my personal goals is to maintain Spanish as a fundamental piece throughout my future career in the medical field. And more importantly, use it to create connections and help more people feel included and comfortable speaking in their native language. This job plays a key role in reaching such a goal because I will be using bilingual abilities to invite people to discover by themselves that Glacier National Park literally breaks barriers (as its territory is shared between Canada and the United States) but is also working towards breaking stereotypes and becoming a more inclusive community. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time I enjoy playing with my dogs and taking them for long walks (preferably in natural environments) and visiting new places such as museums, local restaurants, and historic buildings. I love to go to the beach, cook, dance by myself when I get bored, and spend time with my friends and family (this includes my dogs :))


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