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Interns today, western leaders tomorrow

collage of 2022 interns holding signs with their intern placements
Our 2022 students announce their internship placements.


This month, our "West" interns and Shultz Fellows head out into the field, working at national parks, nature conservancies, nongovernmental organizations, state regulatory agencies, research institutes, publishing companies, and other important bodies throughout the American West. Steadily, our Bill Lane Center students are resuming in-person learning, research, and work opportunities, so we're happy to report that several of our 19 interns and fellows will be experiencing their positions in person. While our 2020 and 2021 cohorts mastered the art of "remote work," we know this summer's students have been looking forward to spending actual time in the places and spaces they are serving. 

The Center's robust internship program supports students and organizations every year, offering paid, professional work opportunities that provide a win-win partnership; interns gain valuable experience working in the West, and hosts enjoy talented young employees who are passionate about making a difference in their field. This year, we are excited to sponsor twelve "West" internships at the following organizations: 

  • American Rivers
  • Blue Forest Conservation
  • Deschutes Land Trust
  • Glacier National Park Conservancy
  • Hawaii Dept Land and Natural Resources
  • Henry's Fork Foundation
  • Heyday Books
  • National Conference of State Legislatures
  • Natural History Institute
  • San Francisco Estuary Institute
  • Santa Lucia Conservancy
  • US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Yellowstone National Park Heritage and Research Center

Additionally, we are also proud to co-sponsor the Shultz Energy Fellowship each year, along with the Precourt Institute for Energy, the Haas Center for Public Service and Stanford in Government. Both graduate and undergraduate students can apply for the program, and on June 20, the seven Shultz Fellows supported by the Bill Lane Center will begin their public service positions at the following agencies in the energy sector:

  • The California Air Resources Board
  • The California Department of Water Resources
  • The Western Electricity Coordinating Council
  • The California Energy Commission, Office of Vice Chair Siva Gunda
  • The California Public Utilities Commission, Office of Commissioner Darcie L. Houck

Learn more about this year's interns and fellows here, and follow them as they reflect on their experiences in our Out West Student Blog and on Instagram at @billlanecenter.


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