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A win for Klamath River tribal rights; Latest federal opinion on delta smelt’s future suggests that the species is fading out, so pumping away its water may not cause additional problems; Making a connection to urban coyotes; and other environmental news from around the West.
Dec 13 2019 | Center News
Reflections on the past year at the Bill Lane Center, by our director Bruce Cain.
California is not as thirsty for Colorado River water as it once was; bouncing back from salmon struggles; listening in on blue whale heartbeats; and other environmental news from around the West.
A mining expansion threatens a Colorado town; dried up lakes are stirring up trouble for western states; harnessing gravity for energy storage; and other environmental news from around the West.
A curatorial tour of a new Cantor Arts Center exhibition gave audiences a glimpse of iconic Western photographs.
Divers on the offensive against sea urchins in Oregon; Laser technology to catch methane leaks from Colorado natural gas operations; A Navajo woman weaves with more than yarn; and other environmental stories from around the West.
The new normal for Western wildfires is abnormal, with increasingly bigger and more destructive blazes. Understanding the risks can help communities avert disaster.


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