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Detailed study of tire residue shows it is lethal to salmon; a call to the new administration to restore the Bears’ Ears National Monument to its full size; in the wake of extensive fires, Colorado goes on a logging binge; more than 230,000 California homeowners have lost home insurance as fire damage continues to get worse, and other environmental and health news from the West.
In Southwestern cities, being poorer means enduring more heat; Missouri River tribes regain rights to river land; new voices in Snake River dams debate; solar panels on California canals would have multiple benefits; a wind farm in coal country; and other recent news from the West.
The Western drought worsens, and water managers begin to imagine new ways of managing a scarce resource; the unusual coalitions that are blocking new West Coast ports; one-third of spotted owl habitat abruptly excluded from protection; rural Coloradans work to limit light pollution, and other environmental news from around the West.
The hurdles facing the new Biden Administration as it seeks to reverse the actions their predecessors; new research flags hotspots of migratory bird activity in the West; municipalities and lumber companies clash over responsibility for safe drinking water in Oregon; a virologist discusses the COVID-19 outbreak among Utah’s minks; and other environmental reads from across the American West.
Gray wolves to be removed from endangered species list; U.S. and Mexico sign water agreement; Nevada votes for renewable energy; courts skeptical of Dakota Access Pipeline; Department of Homeland Security spends millions on Arizona border wall, and other environmental reads from around the West.
A Los Angeles water company stops providing free water to ranchers; evictions for BIPOC communities in Bozeman; investigating vitamin deficiencies in west coast salmon; a multi-billion-dollar dam-removal proposal in Idaho; California tribes sue to include condors as cultural resources; and other environmental reads from across the American West.
Deb Haaland visits Bears Ears; scientists study what makes wildfire smoke toxic; the fight to save old-growth forests in British Columbia; the first urban wildlife refuge in the Southwest; grasshoppers and an opera in Glacier National Park; and other recent news from the West.


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The Interior Department drops Trump proposal to deregulate oil and gas drilling in the Arctic; Gov. Mark Gordon signs law creating funds to sue states that block Wyoming coal; high demand for lithium in California’s Imperial Valley; Southwestern tribes face water insecurity; an ASU law professor grants her backyard wildlife property rights; census data reveals how the West has changed; and more recent news from the West.
May 6 2021 | ... & the West Blog
The Navajo Nation has the most capacity, but its troubled energy history and culture of livestock grazing make solar development fraught.
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Julia Leal starts her summer as an intern for the United States Army Corps of Engineers.