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Nov 15 2016 | ... & the West Blog
I cherish it beyond words, and my entire adult life has been devoted to trying to get people to appreciate and protect it. It has therefore come as a small disappointment to the promoters of a Bears Ears National Monument designation that I have not climbed on board their crusade.
Nov 15 2016 | ... & the West Blog
Massive tracts of land being declared National Monuments violates the very Antiquities Act used to enact them as they are to be "confined to the smallest area compatible with proper care and management of the objects to be protected." What object is being protected that requires a landmass larger than Delaware to protect it?
Nov 14 2016 | ... & the West Blog
The veteran journalist Felicity Barringer introduces the Center's news blog, '& the West,' which will feature reports, interviews, and analysis on the future of California and the North American West.
A new poll of California voters by Stanford University’s Bill Lane Center and the Hoover Institution also shows State Attorney General Kamala Harris leading Rep. Loretta Sanchez in the U.S. senate race, with a large percentage of voters still undecided.
Oct 31 2016 | Center News
Starting from the premise that HBO’s Westworld should be understood both as science fiction and as a western, Kara McCormack examines the ways the ideologies of the mythic West are woven throughout the narrative landscape.
Oct 18 2016 | Center News
Our western enterprise media fellow Zack Colman has published the first of a series of articles supported by the Center: "How the Western Water Wars May End," the the cover story of this week's Christian Science Monitor.
Oct 13 2016 | Happenings
Water in the West researchers presented shapshots of their research into groundwater measurement and how suggestions about how data can be improved.


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Jul 20 2018 | Out West student blog
“Wielding acronyms in conversation makes it easy to speak quickly,” says Maggie Wood, an intern at the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), but it’s “nearly impossible for outsiders to enter the conversation.” Fortunately, she got up to speed ASAP.
Jul 20 2018 | Center News
Summer is almost always a time of transition at Stanford. With commencement behind us, we’d like to take stock of some significant comings and goings in the Bill Lane Center for the American West community.
Jul 19 2018 | Out West student blog
“Filing a ballot measure petition,” says NCSL intern Eliza Steffen, “Can be a complex and idiosyncratic process.” She’s working with colleagues to create a catalog of referendum systems in 24 states.