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Congress votes to help public lands; National Parks’ missing Black visitors; mountain West housing rush; in the southwest, is it “drought,” or “aridification?”; and other environmental reads from around the West.
Jun 17 2020 | ... & the West Blog
If other figures in American law are celebrated for what they changed, the late Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas has been celebrated for what he kept unchanged.
Jun 11 2020 | Center News, Happenings
Students are innovating ways to hack some of the most pressing environmental problems of our time
Jun 10 2020 | ... & the West Blog
Once prized as a key ingredient in fire retardant foam, non-stick pans and many everyday items, a synthetic chemical’s appearance in public water supply wells raises questions of how to protect the public from unknown health hazards.
The Center sponsors a cohort of interns to serve organizations across the West each year, and this year is no different – except that they're all working remotely.
New research shows living near oil and gas development in California is a risk factor for preterm birth, the leading cause of infant death in the United States. About 2.1 million Californians live within one mile of an active oil or gas well.


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