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Center News and Notes

Jul 15 2020 | Out West student blog
Jess Dominick combines passions for environmental justice and urban planning as an intern for the Trust for Public Lands.
Jul 13 2020 | Out West student blog
David Ludeke becomes familiar with the ecology of his backyard.
For rural Westerners with poor access to health care, telemedicine might be the answer
Jul 10 2020 | Out West student blog
Zora Ilunga-Reed checks into her internship from across the country.
Jul 10 2020 | CNN | Topics of the West
"Racism affects our nation's soldiers by weakening unit cohesion and, ultimately, is self-defeating."
Claudia Kania uses data to better understand state legislative bodies.
Jul 7 2020 | Stanford News | Happenings
Stanford Impact Labs provides an innovative research and development pipeline for the social sciences, connecting researchers with leaders in the public, social and private sectors to develop evidence-driven solutions to social problems.


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