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Indigenous fire practices in California; Dam operators and activists join forces; Montana coal prospects dim; Statehood for the Navajo Nation? and more recent environmental reads from around the West.
California plans to conserve 30% of state’s land and water; Montana asks court to throw out major public lands decisions; EPA grants Oklahoma environmental oversight over Indian Country; Los Angeles plans trout recovery and more recent environmental reads from around the West.
With support from the Lane Center, Stanford students install solar energy panels in a little-known rural western community - Alaska's Inian Islands.
New study finds that U.S. food production comes at a high cost to the environment and people of Mexico
The Royal Bank of Canada becomes that country’s first major financial institution refusing to fund oil and gas projects in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; Wildfires of 2020 thus far have record-setting levels of destruction; First Nations knowledge holders lead the restoration of ancient clam gardens in the Pacific Northwest; Energy companies sign memorandum of understanding for Indingeous groups to pursue equity in the Keystone XL Oil Pipeline; West Texas seeing a blizzard of large solar p
Sep 29 2020 | Center News, Happenings
The Bill Lane Center for the American West is pleased to welcome two Thomas D. Dee II Graduate Fellows to the Center for the 2020-21 academic year.
New survey findings suggest that wildfires tearing through the state may bring Democrats and Republicans closer together in support of climate resilience measures.


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