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Center News and Notes

Oct 31 2019 | Center News, Happenings
In three lectures at the University of Oklahoma's Carl Albert Center, Professor Cain examined the challenges of adapting to climate change in the American West.
Oct 29 2019 | ... & the West Blog
With outdoor recreation in its east and fossil-fuel resources on the west, can Garfield County develop an economy that serves both ends?
Scholars can now access a downloadable version of William Lilley III's investigation into the life of Francis G. Newlands.
Colorado cannabis growers move toward sustainable energy use; a potential wildlife corridor to help jaguars and ocelots on their cross-border journey; revisiting the plan for shellfish aquaculture in Washington state; wild burros in desert environments may be more helpful than we know; and more recent environmental news from around the West.
Oct 16 2019 | Out West student blog
Shiriel Abramson debuts her earth-inspired tap performance.
A loophole lets fishermen off the hook; wild horses are being exported to foreign slaughterhouses; two approaches to river conservation; and more recent environmental news from around the West.
Sep 24 2019 | ... & the West Blog
In 1919, a difficult cross-country trek made the case for better roads in the West. The roads came, but a hundred years later, Central Nevada may be as isolated as ever.


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