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Center News and Notes

Aug 19 2020 | Out West student blog
The summer continues for Alex Evers at the Western Interstate Energy Board.
Aug 18 2020 | Out West student blog
Rizina comments on the state of inequality in Australia's health care system
Aug 17 2020 | Out West student blog
Having tough conversations is what makes our jobs meaningful and is necessary to positively advocate for and serve the communities we work in.
Arctic Wildlife Refuge nearer to drilling than ever before; California learning “firenados” are the new summer normal; a federal lab in Colorado starts to prepare the national grid for a renewable future; walruses in the Arctic head for land to rear young – something they once did on ice – and other environmental news from the West.
Aug 14 2020 | Out West student blog
Shifting perspectives: how a conversation with a coworker informed David's thinking around interning remotely.
Aug 13 2020 | Stanford News | Center News
A horse-drawn carriage that once carried U.S. President Benjamin Harrison during a trip to the home of Leland and Jane Stanford has been returned to campus.
Aug 12 2020 | Out West student blog
Claudia Kania believes transparency to be the currency of leadership.


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