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IndivIDUAL to be recorded

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Stanford to the Sea Hike: Waiver Statement of Personal Responsibility

Stanford University Risk Management Department
Waiver Statement of Personal Responsibility

I, the undersigned, who is at least 18 years of age, desire to participate in the Stanford to the Sea 2017 activity, and do hereby declare that I have read, understood and accepted the following:

The following activity Stanford to the Sea 2017 necessarily exposes participants to risk. There exist inherent safety hazards in the physical activities undertaken by all Stanford students, instructors, and participants. I am aware of and accept these risks and dangers to life and limb as an unavoidable part of my voluntary participation in the Stanford program called Stanford to the Sea 2017.

I am at all times responsible for my own safety when I participate in any Stanford activity or outing.

I hereby waive, for myself and for anyone else claiming through me, any and all rights and claims of nature that I may have against Stanford University, the Office of Student Activities, the Bill Lane Center for the American West, and any of its participants, for and against any and all injuries or damages of any nature, including death, while voluntarily taking part in a Stanford event

I agree to pay any reasonable cost to repair or replace any Stanford equipment lost or damaged by myself or through my actions, whether by accident or negligence. The determination of whether to replace or repair damaged equipment shall be made by the Stanford to the Sea 2017 instructors/sponsors. I will not be responsible for normal wear and tear on Stanford equipment.



In lieu of signature, I submit my initials here

Register for the John Steinbeck Symposium on May 10

Register here for the symposium, John Steinbeck and the Environment, at Stanford University on May 10 at 4:15pm. 

We'll let you know about future events – your information will not be shared.

Environmental Modeling Intern

HFF maintains a network of 11 continuous-recording water-quality monitoring instruments called “sondes” that record parameters including dissolved oxygen, temperature, and turbidity every 15 minutes. HFF is designing a process by which the data from these sondes can be transmitted to a cloud or server, from which it can be made available via a web-based interface. The 2016 Environmental Modeling Intern conducted background research and laid the groundwork for this process. The 2017 intern will build on that work to complete the project.

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The Rural West Initiative

The Rural West Initiative explores issues of the less populated areas of the North American West – places whose natural beauty and heritage are matched only by the challenges they face. These issues, such as access to economic opportunity, health care, education, and housing, often get less attention than they deserve.

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