Sasha Landauer

Undergraduate Research Fellow
B.A., Stanford University, 2019. Philosophy and Comparative Literature
Sasha  Landauer
Sasha is a senior double majoring in Philosophy and Comparative
Literature. As an avid backpacker and traveller, Sasha loves connecting
abstract ideas to specific landscapes. Sasha spent two summers on
journalistic projects centered on land rights in Kenya followed and the
California Coast, learning how to mobilize her love of the land into public
awareness of contentious issues. As a research assistant for ArtsWest, Sasha
writes articles about the various events the center puts on. Sasha has also
partnered with Bill Lane Center Fellow Lukas Felzmann on his most recent
photography project tentatively titled "A Conceptual Atlas of California."
Sasha has paired photographs of Felzmann's with philosophical and literary
excerpts that relate to the philosophy of time and conservation. Moving
forward, she hopes to create a more wholistic essay or series to share her