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Student Work

An investigation of Santa Clara County's vegetation management practices for wildfire prevention

Read Devin Hagan's study on vegetation management practices for wildfire prevention. Santa Clara County experienced the worst fire seasion in modertimes in 2020 with over 5,500 acres burned in the single Crews Fire and nearly 400,00 acres burned in the SCU Lightning Complex that affected five Vay Area Counties: Santa Clara, Alameda, Contra Costa, San Joaquin and Stanislaus. 

Key Takeaways 

Engaging with Low-Income Latinx Communities in California: Best Practices in Response to Wildfires and COVID-19

This community-based research project focused on identifying effective strategies for nonprofits and government agencies to better serve low-income Latinx communities in California, especially during crisis situations such as wildfires and COVID-19. The research was conducted under two advisors: Professor Leonard Ortolano in Stanford’s department of Civil and Environmental Engineering; and Alma Bowen, director of the nonprofit Nuestra Comunidad which aims to increase emergency-preparedness within Sonoma County’s Latinx community.

Wildfire Mitigation Data System (WMDS) for the Western Interconnection

This research, which started as a 2020 Shultz Fellowship with the Western Interstate Energy Board (WIEB) and has continued with the Bill Lane Center for the American West, is focused on creating a Western Interconnection-wide Wildfire Mitigation Data System (WMDS). The project proposes that data on ignition events and probable ignition events be collected from electric utilities throughout the Western Interconnection and subsequently aggregated into a regional data system.

Environmental Governance and Climate Resilience 2020: Wildfires

The Bill Lane Center for the American West revived its Workshop on Wildfire Management, originally planned for mid-March, via a virtual format. Speakers explored the challenges of preparing for and responding to wildfires during the coronavirus pandemic for a practitioner audience. During our June 25 panel, we discussed training and safety among first responders battling wildfires during a pandemic. Our June 30 keynote featured Dr. Sarah McCaffrey of the U.S.

Midpeninsula Cities Police Reform Presentation

This summer project on policing reform with six mid-peninsula cities was conducted through the Bill Lane Center at Stanford in collaboration with the Office of External Relations which is working to strengthen Stanford's engagement in the region. The areas of police reform covered were independent oversight of police departments, data collection and standards, and culture change in public safety.

Igniting a Culture of Change: Evaluating the Los Trancos Community Maintenance District Home Hardening and Defensible Space Incentive Program

The state of California has experienced an increase in catastrophic wildfires in recent years, impacting our homes, environment, and economy. Wildfires, like the Tubbs Fire that burned in Northern California in 2017, are difficult to prevent, but as community members, we can ensure our homes are equipped to reduce wildfire risk and minimize destruction of our communities.

Sophomore College Students Explore Clean Energy Technology and Policy in Hawaii

Before the start of the 2019-2020 academic year, the Bill Lane Center and the Precourt Institute for Energy sponsored a Sophomore College course exploring the practical, social, technical, and political issues surrounding energy production and use in Hawaii. Hawaii is at the forefront of technical changes in the electric grid and the uses of electricity, with an aspirational goal for 100% carbon-free electricity in 2045.

Daguerreotypes on the Western Landscape: A profile and interview with artist Binh Danh

In association with the Center’s ArtsWest event, Self Landing: Daguerreotypes on the Western Landscapethe Art History and Political Science major Alexandra (Mac) Taylor ’20 created an artist provile and conducted an interview with artist Binh Dahn about his journey as an artist and reflections on photography. 


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