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Water in the West

Overcoming Psychological Resistance toward Using Recycled Water as a Solution to California's Climate Change Challenge

California’s traditional hydrological system assumes a heavy, reliable snowpack and the timely release of surface water in the warmer months.   However as a consequence of climate change and a prolonged drought, California must now consider alternative water supply sources such as recycled wastewater. But state officials fear that a proposal to expand direct or indirect potable use wastewater programs would trigger strong public resistance due to the ‘yuck’ factor, an instinctive aversion to many recycled wastewater uses.

In Era of Drought, Texas Cities Boost Water Rates

Higher prices have a way of grabbing attention, and many communities across Texas are raising rates to pay for new water supplies and to encourage conservation amid concerns that the lingering drought may portend a broader water crisis. Water experts say it is about time Texans placed more value on this irreplaceable natural resource, given the state’s rapid population growth and fickle weather. But raising rates often triggers public resistance in a state that is wary of too much government.


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