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Western Governance

Planning for America’s Water Infrastructure Needs

A paper based on ideas participants discussed at the conference “Planning for America’s Water Infrastructure Needs,” namely the five challenges that all water managers face and three particular water infrastructure issues: the opportunities afforded by considering water systems as “loops,” the importance of resiliency in response to climate change, and the reforms in federal, state, and private funding mechanisms that can facilitate water infrastructure financing. 

Evaluating Environmental Governance along Cross-Border Electricity Supply Chains with Policy-Informed Life Cycle Assessment: The California–Mexico Energy Exchange

This paper presents a “policy-informed” life cycle assessment of a cross-border electricity supply chain that links the impact of each unit process to its governing policy framework. An assessment method is developed and applied to the California–Mexico energy exchange as a unique case study.

Change from the Inside: My Life, the Chicano Movement, and the Story of an Era

The memoir of former Assemblymember and L.A. City Councilmember Richard Alatorre, chronicling his extraordinary role as a pioneering activist and political figure in the momentous events that advanced Latino empowerment from the 1960s through the 1990s—events that presaged the ascendency of contemporary Latino social and political influence.

Vicente Fox: The Future of U.S.–Mexican Relations

Former Mexican president Vicente Fox Quesada addressed an audience of Stanford students, faculty, and staff on April 18, 2017. President Fox spoke in English and answered questions from the audience and the Stanford political scientists Bruce E. Cain and Ambassador Michael McFaul. Sponsored by the Bill Lane Center for the American West, the Freeman Spogli Institute, and the Center for Latin American Studies.

Held April 18, 2017 at Stanford University

Poll Position Podcast: California Versus Trump

Two days before the presidential inauguration, we took a look at the contentious relationship between Donald Trump and California. In addition, we analyzed a Hoover Golden State Poll that gauged Californians’ attitudes toward various aspects of the Trump agenda: immigration, Obamacare repeal, tax reform. Finally, as California braces for another round of storms, we look at the politics of water in 2017. 

Voters’ Views on Sacramento and What a Trump White House Means for California

The most recent Golden State Poll had a lot of ground to cover. For the fourth January in a row, we asked Californians to reflect on the state’s government, public policy, and politics just as the governor is about to do the same in his yearly address to the state at the end of the month. And with a new White House and a Trump presidency about to begin too, we augmented our annual State of the State question series with a battery of questions about what California voters think a Trump administration could mean for the Golden State.

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