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Western Governance

White Paper on Telehealth in the Rural American West

The Bill Lane Center for the American West and Stanford Medicine are pleased to co-issue this white paper on telehealth in the rural American West. The paper builds upon the Lane Center’s earlier work from our Rural West Initiative, as well as ongoing research by our undergraduate teams who have been exploring connections between environment and health in the American West. 

Engaging with Low-Income Latinx Communities in California: Best Practices in Response to Wildfires and COVID-19

This community-based research project focused on identifying effective strategies for nonprofits and government agencies to better serve low-income Latinx communities in California, especially during crisis situations such as wildfires and COVID-19. The research was conducted under two advisors: Professor Leonard Ortolano in Stanford’s department of Civil and Environmental Engineering; and Alma Bowen, director of the nonprofit Nuestra Comunidad which aims to increase emergency-preparedness within Sonoma County’s Latinx community.

Environmental Governance and Climate Resilience 2020: Wildfires

The Bill Lane Center for the American West revived its Workshop on Wildfire Management, originally planned for mid-March, via a virtual format. Speakers explored the challenges of preparing for and responding to wildfires during the coronavirus pandemic for a practitioner audience. During our June 25 panel, we discussed training and safety among first responders battling wildfires during a pandemic. Our June 30 keynote featured Dr. Sarah McCaffrey of the U.S.

Patterns of Local Protest against COVID-19 Restrictions across America

As restrictions, closures, and lockdowns ramped up in the spring of 2020, some Americans famously took to the streets to protest what they believed was government overreach. The risk of COVID-19 transmission as the weather cools makes the resurgence of such policies seem more likely. Will a second wave of these policies spark further civil unrest? This question, in turn, raises another: just how prevalent were protests in the spring of 2020?

Effect of Governance Structure on Conservation Land Acquisition in California Over the Last 100 Years

This paper analyzes the development of California's land conservation between 1910 and 2010, testing whether governance structure explains the variation in the attribution of land for conservation over time. The authors find that governance structure does play an important role in the development of the conservation network over the course of the century.

The Challenge of Externally Generated Collaborative Governance: California’s Attempt at Regional Water Management

The lack of coordination in water management among cities, counties, private utilities and special districts can impede the formation and implementation of sound regional water policy. An integrated, consensus-oriented and deliberative approach to resource management – known as “collaborative governance” – can be helpful in carrying out public policy, but it still has its challenges. A new paper by Bruce Cain, Elisabeth Gerber, and Iris Hui examines these challenges, particularly the tensions involved in balancing a regional approach with local autonomy.



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