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A Healthier Rural West – 2017 Eccles Family Rural West Conference: Complete Video

Rural West Initiative, Bill Lane Center for the American West
Conference in Santa Fe, NM, March 23-25, 2017
April 28, 2017

Attendees and organizers talk about the vital conversations about the future of rural western health and health care that took place in Santa Fe at the Eccles Family Rural West Conference on March 23-25, 2017. Full video of the conference is available in this playlist.

Held March 23-25, 2017 in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Select a Speaker or Topic

  •   C. Hope Eccles, Advisory Council, Welcomecue video bio  
  •   David J. Hayes, Stanford University, “Healthy Landscapes, Healthy Westerners” cue video bio  
  •   Michael Brown, PhD, School for Advanced Research, cue video bio  
  •   Bruce Cain, PhD, Stanford University, cue video bio  
  •   Former U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman , “Two Critical Issues, Zero Innovative Solutions” cue video bio  
  •   David M. Kennedy, PhD, Stanford University, Special Remarks: “Earning the Rural West”cue video bio  
  •   Moderator: Christopher Muste, PhD, University of Montana, cue video bio  
  •   Phil Polakoff, Stanford University, “Doing Health Care Differently” cue video bio  
  •   William deBuys, Writer and Conservationist cue video bio  
  •   Craig Thomas, PhD, University of Washington cue video bio  
  •   Moderator: Phil Polakoff, MD, Stanford University cue video bio  
  •   Secretary Lynn Gallagher, State of New Mexico Department of Health, “The New Mexico Perspective”cue video bio  
  •   Sally M. Davis, PhD, University of New Mexico, “Creating Healthier Communities in the Rural West”cue video bio  
  •   Arthur Kaufman, MD, University of New Mexico, “Better Health for the Rural West: Lessons from New Mexico” cue video bio  
  •   Moderator: Phil Polakoff, MD, Stanford University cue video bio  
  •   Charles Sorenson, MD, Intermountain Health Leadership Institute cue video bio  
  •   Chitra Dinakar, MD, Stanford University, “From Hospital to Home: Changing the Paradigm of Asthma Care” cue video bio  
  •   Gabriel Garcia, MD, Stanford University cue video bio  
  •   Moderator: Patrick Shea cue video bio  
  •   Anthony Rampton, Utah Attorney General’s Office, Public Lands Section cue video bio  
  •   Jenna Whitlock, Retired, Bureau of Land Management cue video bio  
  •   John Freemuth, Boise State University, cue video bio  
  •   Moderator: Bruce Cain, Stanford University, cue video bio  
  •   Michele Barry, MD, FACP, Stanford University, “Health Disparities in the Rural American West” cue video bio  
  •   Bret Smoker MD, MPH, Indian Health Service, “Health Equity and Social Disparity: The Native American Perspective” cue video bio  
  •   Charles N. Martin, Jr., Martin Ventures cue video bio  
  •   Denise Herrera, MS, PhD, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, “From Vision & Evidence to Action” cue video bio  
  •   Moderator: Felicity Barringer, Stanford University, cue video bio  
  •   Rita Maguire, Maguire, Pearce & Storey LLC, “Ensuring Secure and Affordable Water Supplies in the Rural West” cue video bio  
  •   Rodney Lewis, Akin Gump LLP cue video bio  
  •   Bill Armstrong, U.S. Forest Service cue video bio  
  •   Anne Bradley, The Nature Conservancy cue video bio  
  •   Moderator: James Bettinger, Stanford University, cue video bio  
  •   Kate Schimel, High Country News, cue video bio  
  •   Tazbah McCullah, KSFR Santa Fe Public Radio, cue video bio  
  •   Alisa Barba, Inside Energy News, cue video bio  
  •   Phil Polakoff, cue video bio  
  •   Bruce Cain, Stanford University, cue video bio