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‘Houston, You Have a Problem,’ Nov. 2017 Knight-Risser Prize Symposium: Complete Video

November 15, 2017

Held Nov. 15, 2017 at Stanford University

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  •   Introduction: David M. Kennedy (00:01) cue video    
  •   Dawn Garcia, JSK Fellowships (03:35) cue video    
  •   Award Presentation by James V. Risser (09:47) cue video    
  •   Special Recognition: Oregonian and Univision Noticias (10:36) cue video    
  •   Presentation to Texas Tribune and ProPublica (11:52) cue video    
  •   Remarks by Neena Satija, Texas Tribune (13:41) cue video    
  •   Remarks by Jeff Larson, ProPublica (29:27) cue video    
  •   Panel Discussion: Geoff McGhee Introduces Panelists (36:57) cue video    
  •   Introduction: A Season of Catastrophes (39:31) cue video    
  •   Q: Present conditions in Houston? (43:07) cue video    
  •   Q: Why this format for “Hell and High Water?” (46:32) cue video    
  •   Q: Plan for impact of this story? (48:40) cue video    
  •   Q: How can “prophetic reporting” incite change? (52:20) cue video    
  •   Q: Assess preparations for and response to Harvey? (57:03) cue video    
  •   Q: A work of journalism that rests on publicly initiated science. Role of each? (1:01:18) cue video    
  •   Q: What's future of access to federal scientific data? (1:03:53) cue video    
  •   Q: How do we promote collaborations among news organizations? (1:07:32) cue video    
  •   Q: Interactive visualization and mapping: whose job are they? (1:11:43) cue video    
  •   Audience Q: Updating flood maps for Houston (1:18:37) cue video    
  •   Audience Q: How to improve collaboration? (1:23:46) cue video    
  •   Q: ProPublica mission and makeup? (1:31:37) cue video