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State of the West 2018: Complete Video

December 20, 2018

Banking and infrastructure took center stage during this year’s State of the West Symposium, featuring keynotes by Randal Quarles of the Federal Reserve, and Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval. The event was hosted by the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR) and the Bill Lane Center for the American West.

Read a recap of the conference: ‘State of the West’ Assesses Economy, From Banks to High-Tech Infrastructure

Held Dec. 5, 2018 at Stanford University

Select a Clip to Cue Video

  •   State of the West 2018 (00:00) cue video    
  •   Introductory Remarks by Mark Duggan, SIEPR (00:01) cue video    
  •   Prof. Monika Piazzesi (05:09) cue video    
  •   Randal K. Quarles Keynote Address (07:09) cue video    
  •   Conversation with Prof. Monika Piazzesi (28:58) cue video    
  •   Question: Enough Done to Address “Too Big to Fail?” (32:42) cue video    
  •   Question: Discuss New Role on Financial Stability Board (34:54) cue video    
  •   Question: “Non-Banking” System in the West (38:09) cue video    
  •   Question: Compare Community Banks to Branches of Bigger Banks (40:41) cue video    
  •   Question: Compare State to Federally Chartered Banks (43:16) cue video    
  •   Question: Need to Reogranize Fed Districts? (44:23) cue video    
  •   Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval (00:00) cue video    
  •   Prof. Bruce E. Cain Introduces Gov. Brian Sandoval (01:40) cue video    
  •   Rural Infrastructure (02:15) cue video    
  •   Is Water Supply an Obstacle to Growth? (11:45) cue video    
  •   Relationship with California (16:38) cue video    
  •   Medicaid Expansion (21:16) cue video    
  •   Rural-Urban Divide (25:30) cue video    
  •   Political Change Since Midterms (29:57) cue video    
  •   Question: Federal Land in Nevada (32:33) cue video    
  •   Question: Homelessness Policy? (35:43) cue video    
  •   Question: Thoughts on Wisconsin Governorship Changeover (37:44) cue video    
  •   Question: Luring Businesses with Subsidies (39:37) cue video    
  •   Question: Gun Policy After Las Vegas Shootings (42:35) cue video    
  •   Question: Climate Change Policy (46:46) cue video    
  •   Question: High Speed Rail (49:23) cue video    
  •   Question: Advice for Successor? (52:23) cue video