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Vicente Fox: The Future of U.S.–Mexican Relations

April 21, 2017

Former Mexican president Vicente Fox Quesada addressed an audience of Stanford students, faculty, and staff on April 18, 2017. President Fox spoke in English and answered questions from the audience and the Stanford political scientists Bruce E. Cain and Ambassador Michael McFaul. Sponsored by the Bill Lane Center for the American West, the Freeman Spogli Institute, and the Center for Latin American Studies.

Held April 18, 2017 at Stanford University

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  •   Bruce E. Cain Introduces Vicente Fox (00:01) cue video    
  •   Family Roots in the United States (00:55) cue video    
  •   ‘Why I Started This Crusade’ (03:15) cue video    
  •   The Value of Immigration (04:02) cue video    
  •   Walls versus Bridges (05:21) cue video    
  •   Benefits of Free Trade to Latin America (06:47) cue video    
  •   Cost of Authoritarianism Populism to Latin America (16:00) cue video    
  •   Concerns About Direction of U.S. Under President Trump (20:18) cue video    
  •   McFaul: Thoughts on President Trump's Foreign Policy (23:42) cue video    
  •   Cain: How is Mexico Dealing with its Southern Border? (29:56) cue video    
  •   Audience: How Can U.S. and Mexico Combat Drug Cartels? (34:15) cue video    
  •   McFaul: Reasons for Growth of Nationalism Worldwide? (46:07) cue video    
  •   Audience: Corruption and Human Rights in Mexico (56:51) cue video    
  •   Audience: How Can Americans and Mexican-Americans Help Relations? (62:28) cue video    
  •   McFaul: Hope for Immigration Reform in United States? (71:24) cue video