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Video: ‘Houston, You Have a Problem,’ Nov. 2017 Knight-Risser Prize Symposium

November 30, 1999

Knight-Risser symposium

The symposium was organized by the Bill Lane Center for the American West's ArtsWest program, in association with the Stanford University Libraries and the Stanford American Studies Program.

Read a recap of the symposium: ‘The Ecology of Humans:’ Scholars Discuss Steinbeck’s Environmental Legacy

Held Nov. 15, 2017 at Stanford University

Select a Speaker to Cue Video

  •   Introduction: David M. Kennedy (00:01) cue video    
  •   Dawn Garcia, JSK Fellowships (03:35) cue video    
  •   Award Presentation by James V. Risser (09:47) cue video    
  •   Special Recognition: Oregonian and Univision Noticias (10:36) cue video    
  •   Presentation to Texas Tribune and ProPublica (11:52) cue video    
  •   Remarks by Neena Satija, Texas Tribune (13:41) cue video    
  •   Remarks by Jeff Larson, ProPublica (29:27) cue video    
  •   Panel Discussion: Geoff McGhee Introduces Panelists (36:57) cue video    
  •   Introduction: A Season of Catastrophes (39:31) cue video    
  •   Q: Present conditions in Houston? (43:07) cue video    
  •   Q: Why this format for “Hell and High Water?” (46:32) cue video    
  •   Q: Plan for impact of this story? (48:40) cue video    
  •   Q: How can “prophetic reporting” incite change? (52:20) cue video    
  •   Q: Assess preparations for and response to Harvey? (57:03) cue video    
  •   Q: A work of journalism that rests on publicly initiated science. Role of each? (1:01:18) cue video    
  •   Q: What's future of access to federal scientific data? (1:03:53) cue video    
  •   Q: How do we promote collaborations among news organizations? (1:07:32) cue video    
  •   Q: Interactive visualization and mapping: whose job are they? (1:11:43) cue video    
  •   Audience Q: Updating flood maps for Houston (1:18:37) cue video    
  •   Audience Q: How to improve collaboration? (1:23:46) cue video    
  •   Q: ProPublica mission and makeup? (1:31:37) cue video