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Voters’ Views on Sacramento and What a Trump White House Means for California

Hoover Institution
Hoover Institution, Stanford University
Eureka Issue 1701 America’s Promised Land — And the Trouble For Donald Trump It’s Promised
January 19, 2017
Tammy Frisby

The most recent Golden State Poll had a lot of ground to cover. For the fourth January in a row, we asked Californians to reflect on the state’s government, public policy, and politics just as the governor is about to do the same in his yearly address to the state at the end of the month. And with a new White House and a Trump presidency about to begin too, we augmented our annual State of the State question series with a battery of questions about what California voters think a Trump administration could mean for the Golden State. We cover a set of public policy ideas that Donald Trump made promises about during the presidential campaign, but we honed in on immigration, asking about Trump’s deportation plan, the proposed border wall, and sanctuary cities. Finally, in an already meaty survey, we made room for a question about the reemergence of the idea of independence for the Republic of California, or Calexit.