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Student researcher Devin Hagan shares his research on vegetation management practices in Santa Clara County.

Summer researcher Lila Mack researched the best practices for effectively engaging Latinx communities during crises.

Alex Evers, B.S. Earth Systems '22
Alex Evers and Prateek Joshi further develop their summer internship project on wildfire data collection with the Western Interstate Energy Board.

August 21, 2020 | Presentation
Joyce Tagal
Summer researcher Joyce Tagal presented to Mid-Peninsula city managers on police reform.

Videos from the Lane Center's virtual Wildfire Seminar Series and Final Student Reports

Brandon Alvarez, Patrick Kurzner, Jessica Reynoso, Matthew Sun
Public Policy practicum students evaluated the effectiveness of the Los Trancos Community Maintenance District incentive program for encouraging homeowners to adopt wildfire prevention measures.

California’s unique air quality regulatory regime, in which local elected officials serve as regulators of the polluters in their vicinity, is particularly prone to industry capture and conflicts of interest.

Gabrielle Torrance studied upward mobility in rural America for her honors thesis in Public Policy

The Lane Center sponsored a Sophomore College course that immersed 12 incoming sophomores in the Hawaiian clean energy technology space.

Interview with and artist profile of Binh Danh in advance of the Center's spring ArtsWest event, Self Landing: Daguerreotypes on the Western Landscape

Interviews with Stanford students, alumni, and faculty about their experiences attending the annual art and music gathering in Nevada’s Black Rock desert.

Student presentations on sea level rise adaptation strategies around the United States, and how they might inform policy decisions on the Pacific Coast. Presented to a workshop on Dec. 10, 2018.

“With the general election approaching,” writes the Center’s summer research fellow Benek Robertson, “I hoped to highlight specific policy areas that could influence the general election and California politics for years to come.”

August 8, 2018 | Article
How an asthma epidemic turned Arvin, California against the oil industry.

Is oil economy of Bakersfield set to follow the downward trajectory of conventional resource economies, or is renewable energy ready to fill the void?

Carson Smith
How the United Nations Declaration of Indigenous Peoples presents a path for Native American communities to have greater control over their sovereignty.

A look at visual art exploring the border and borderlands between the United States and Mexico, as a prelude to the ArtsWest conference, “Art and Culture on the US-Mexico Border: 2,000 Miles of Imagination that Unite and Divide Us.” Includes an interview

May 16, 2018 | Report
An annotated bibliography of over 40 sources detailing art and artists that are emerging around the US-Mexico border, in connection with the ArtsWest event, Art and Culture on the US-Mexico Border: 2,000 Miles of Imagination that Unite and Divide Us, on M

A decades-long fight for the control of water has divided this quaint ocean county into two sides—one in support of private ownership of water, the other for public.

The lives and careers of 34 prominent and remarkable woman visual artists, specifically those who hail from, call home, were educated, or spent their professional careers producing art in the American West.

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