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Elisabeth R. Gerber
A new paper considers the role of personal experiences in lessening the degree of polarization on how partisans think about and prioritize climate adaptation.

Dr. Robert Siegel stops by the Lane Center to share a personal history with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anne Maureen Driscoll
This paper explores how people recall wildfire experiences, and how these experiences affect their policy views.

Dennis Berens
This document proposes a framework to foster sustainable, resilient innovation and change with identified, supported and targeted initiatives leading to positive results.

August 31, 2020 | Video
Author Richard Rothstein joined the Lane Center to speak about his book "The Color of Law".

August 21, 2020 | Presentation
Joyce Tagal
Summer researcher Joyce Tagal presented to Mid-Peninsula city managers on police reform.

Rural Broadband thought leaders discuss the landscape and pressing issues related to the space.

Indraneel G. Kasmalkar, Katherine A. Serafin, Yufei Miao, I. Avery Bick, Leonard Ortolano, Derek Ouyang, Jenny Suckale
A new paper examines the impacts of flood-related traffic disruption in the Bay Area.

Dennis Berens
This in-depth Healthier Rural America Policy Position Paper proposes a framework to foster sustainable, resilient innovation and change with identified, supported and targeted actions leading to positive results.

Maria McVarish discusses railroad development patterns in California in a virtual talk with the Lane Center.

Characterized by vast distances, scarcity of care, and even fewer specialist providers, the rural western region challenges health care providers and policymakers to devise solutions that address an aging and more vulnerable population

Brandon Alvarez, Patrick Kurzner, Jessica Reynoso, Matthew Sun
Public Policy practicum students evaluated the effectiveness of the Los Trancos Community Maintenance District incentive program for encouraging homeowners to adopt wildfire prevention measures.

June 10, 2020 | Video
LA Times bestselling author Nick Neely stops by the Lane Center to chat with Faculty Directory Bruce Cain and writer-in-residence Felicity Barringer Taubman.

California’s unique air quality regulatory regime, in which local elected officials serve as regulators of the polluters in their vicinity, is particularly prone to industry capture and conflicts of interest.

Gabrielle Torrance studied upward mobility in rural America for her honors thesis in Public Policy

Mark Brilliant
Volume co-editor Mark Brilliant moderates a discussion with co-editor David Kennedy and the book's contributing authors.

Dennis Berens, June Sargent
Read Lane Center affiliated scholar Phil Polakoff's new piece on health in the rural west.

May 14, 2020 | Video
Carol McKibben talks about the women workers at the heart of Monterey's fishing industry.

Justin Farrell
Justin Farrell joined Lane Center Director Bruce Cain for a discussion on "Billionaire Wilderness," Farrell's new book.

Maria J. Santos
Governance structure can be a driver of conservation outcomes. A new paper looks at how governance has impacted conservation land acquisition in California in the last century.


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