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U.S.-Mexico Energy-Water Nexus Project

Aerial view of Searless, Glen Canyon and Lake Powel

Since its inception, the Bill Lane Center has focused on the entire western part of North America, from western Canada down through Mexico. Recent years have brought an increased focus on engagement with Mexico on energy and water policy and cross-border collaboration. The Center’s efforts work in tandem with the State of California’s commitment to tackling climate change and working together with its southern neighbor.

Through sponsored research projects, graduate and undergraduate energy internships, and the work of The California Global Energy, Water & Infrastructure Innovation Initiative led by Blas L. Pérez Henríquez, the Center is driving conversations about the environmental and energy futures of western North America.

Inaugural Workshop

“Energy-Water Nexus in the Context of Climate Change,” October 1-2, 2015

See the agenda and participants for the inaugural workshop at Stanford University, and read the recap here.