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Alcatraz Island Cultural Resources Intern

The Golden Gate National Recreation Area is a unit of the National Park Service that protects 80,002 acres of ecologically and historically significant landscapes on the Pacific Coast of the San Francisco Bay Area. The park has a rich history stretching back two hundred years. Native American culture, Spanish Empire frontier, California Gold Rush, the evolution of American coastal fortifications, and the growth of urban San Francisco are all elements of the multilayered identity of Golden Gate.

The Cultural Resources Intern will be tasked with taking care of historic resources and understanding what the resources are; being able to articulate clearly what the resources are and what we are doing to keep them; providing resource treatment and management guidance documents. This is a focused project of architectural research and writing to prepare a Historic Structure Report on the Electric Shop building on Alcatraz Island, National Historic Landmark District. The intern will research historic photos and maps in the Park Archives and Records Center to create an illustrated building evolution narrative, perform field measurements and sketches with the supervisor at Alcatraz to create an assessment of physical condition narrative, and write and publish a report summary that includes recommendations for treatment of the historic building.

Internship Tasks

  • Research maps and photos at the Park Archives
  • Research the building on Alcatraz Island
  • Take field measurement using tape measures
  • Take photographs using a digital camera
  • Use MS Word to write a Historic Structure Report that includes illustrations and photos

Necessary Qualifications

  • Must be able to research the historic building thoroughly
  • Write clearly and concisely about its history
  • Take field measurements and photographs
  • Write in detail about its physical condition

Desired Skills

  • Architectural communication skills, map and plan reading ability; construction knowledge
Tuesday, February 7, 2017
San Francisco, CA
Preferred Majors or Experience: 
All class years welcome. Appropriate majors are American Studies, Anthropology, Archeology, Architectural Design, Art History, Civil Engineering, CS+History, Fine Arts, History, Urban Studies.