Internship Application FAQs

Photo credit: Melanie Langa

Summer internships are posted at the beginning of winter quarter and applications are due at the beginning of February. To find out more about the program and upcoming on-campus events, contact Stephanie Burbank.

Students are encouraged to submit applications for up to two internships. To learn more about the internship experience, browse the Out West blog featuring posts by summer interns from the past several years – many of them at the same organizations open now to applications. Lane Center staff will review applications in collaboration with the host organization, and will conduct in-person and/or phone interviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What materials are required to apply?

A: The SOLO application form will prompt you to submit a Statement of Interest (Maximum of 500 words for each position desired) describing your interest and experience, a resume, two references, and an unofficial transcript.

Q: Where do I find the application?

A: Applications can be found on SOLO, Stanford's portal for Off-Campus Learning Opportunities (

Q: May I apply for more than one internship?

A: Yes, you may apply for up to two internships. We ask that you submit a separate application for each internship you are interested in. However, you may use the same references and resume for each of your applications.  We will ask you to rank your preferences.

Q: Can I find out more about the experiences of previous internships at the organization I'm interested in?

A: At the bottom of each internship description, look for links to posts on the Out West blog written by previous summer interns at the same organization.

Q: Are the internships paid?

A: Yes, the Bill Lane Center provides a lump sum stipend between $5,500-$7,700, depending on your financial aid qualifications.

Q: What does it mean that "housing and transportation are the responsibility of the intern"?

A: Students are expected to budget their living expenses, which include housing and transportation, from the lump sum stipend. Host organizations typically assist with finding housing and, in certain instances, provide housing entirely or at a discounted rate. Though most internships do not require a car throughout the summer, students are responsible for getting to and from the internship site. Please read each internship description carefully for details.

Q: I am a graduating senior or co-term. Am I eligible for the internships?

A: Internships are open to every student who will have an undergraduate status in the spring quarter prior to starting their internship. Graduating seniors are always eligible to apply; co-terms, who still have undergraduate status, will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Only Stanford students are eligible for these internships.

Q: Do I need to submit a transcript for each organization to which I apply?

A: No, one unofficial transcript will suffice. Separate personal statements need to be submitted for each position you apply to, but only one transcript, list of references and resume need to be submitted.

Q: Do I need to request a letter of recommendation?

A: No, you do not need to request a letter of recommendation, although you certainly can. You are required to submit a list of references, however.

Q: Are the dates flexible?

A: Yes, interns may work out alternate dates with their host mentors as long as the total duration is 10 weeks over the summer.

Q: Can I still apply if I am abroad and not available for an in-person interview?

A: Yes, in these circumstances we will conduct a Zoom interview.

Q: Where can I find more information about each internship?

A: In addition to the links provided on each internship page, all students are invited to visit the Bill Lane Center's office in Y2E2 174 to ask more questions about the internship or you may choose to contact our student ambassadors. Additionally, you can learn about the day-to-day aspects of each internship experience in the Out West student blog, or contact a previous year's intern directly. Contact the Internship Coordinator if you have difficulties getting in touch with a program alumni.

Q: When will I hear back about my application?

A: The Center strives to work with the collaborating organizations to fill the positions by early March, though the interview process can extend to the end of winter quarter. If you have any questions about the status of your application during the review and interview process please contact the Internship Coordinator.

Q: I’m not a Stanford student. I am still eligible to apply?

A: Unfortunately, our summer internships are only open to Stanford students.