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A historical look at the Coastal Commission reveals these fluctuating tides of tension, a perspective that provides a broader understanding of the structural conflicts the commission, as well as other regulatory agencies, confront.

2015 Knight-Risser Prize winners Jim Morris and Susan White joined a panel of experts to discuss their report,“Big Oil, Bad Air.” The investigation centered on one of the nation's most active oil and gas production regions.

Iris Hui
How do agencies use the permitting process to shape policy outcomes? This article unveils the black-box by using various text mining techniques to retrieve valuable empirical data from unstructured texts.

As a consequence of climate change and a prolonged drought, California must now consider alternative water supply sources such as recycled wastewater.

The fifth annual State of the West Symposium included panels on water in the West and a keynote address by the Governor of Wyoming, Matt Mead.

By Elana Leone and Quito Tsui

David B. Danbom, Editor , Foreword by David M. Kennedy
Thiis book explores the Rural West across four dimensions: Community, Land, Economics – and defining the Rural West itself. The book is the result of work presented at the 2012 Conference on the Rural West.

July 25, 2015 | Data Visualization
This interactive map plots the boundaries of U.S. wildfires since 2003. Click on the years at the top to see what parts of the nation were burning and to read an annual summary. Click on an individual fire to see more details and view an animated daily pr

Iris Hui and James G. Gimpel
Authors found the same property will be evaluated more favorably by partisans when they learn that it is situated in a predominantly co-partisan neighborhood.

August 1, 2014 | Data Visualization
Janny Choy, Leon Szeptycki
This series explores groundwater management in California through new research into key groundwater issues, interactive graphics and a synthesis of existing knowledge on groundwater, all designed to advance public understanding of this critical resource.

September 9, 2013 | Data Visualization
Maria J. Santos, Lauren Sommer, KQED
The Bay Area has a long history of preserving its open lands. Today, about one-third of the region is designated as open space, from small city parks to lands stretching thousands of acres. Part of a report produced in collaboration with KQED Public Media

September 9, 2013 | Data Visualization
Maria J. Santos, Lauren Sommer, KQED
As the climate continues to warm, scientists believe the Bay Area’s microclimates will shift. These maps show how the region’s plant communities could move as conditions change. What scientists don't know is how fast vegetation could migrate to new areas

The Stanford historian Bertrand Patenaude, who served as editor for L.W. "Bill" Lane, Jr.'s memoir, "The Sun Never Sets", speaks about Lane's career as longtime publisher of Sunset magazine, environmentalist, and ambassador.

John McChesney, Geoff McGhee, Ariana Reguzzoni
High energy prices have made advanced drilling technologies profitable. A look at three communities in North Dakota and Wyoming who find themselves at different stages of an energy boom.

Two basins that lie along the Green River in the intermountain West have some of the worst ozone pollution in the nation.

L.W. "Bill" Lane, Jr. with Bertrand M. Patenaude, Introduction by Kevin Starr
The Sun Never Sets tells the extraordinary story of L.W. "Bill" Lane, Jr., longtime publisher of Sunset magazine, pioneering environmentalist, and U.S. ambassador.

May 12, 2012 | Data Visualization
Geoff McGhee, Lauren Sommer, Alison Whipple
An interactive map of the Sacramento-San Joaquin delta comparing the historical habitat with the present day landscape.

July 4, 2011 | Data Visualization
Geoff McGhee
We took the directory of US newspaper titles compiled by the Library of Congress' Chronicling America project – nearly 140,000 publications in all – and plotted them over time and space.


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