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Photography, Archives, and Apophenia: Lukas Felzmann on the Intersection of Nature and Culture

Hand holding a bird on Lukas Felzmann's Apophenia book cover
Monday, October 29, 2018 - 4:30pm to 6:00pm
McMurtry Building- Oshman Auditorium
355 Roth Way
Stanford, CA 94305

A recap of this event is available on our website: A Symphony of Image and Sound: Lukas Felzmann Presents His Photographic Vision. Read more


This lecture will trace Lukas Felzmann’s work across time and the western landscapes as seen through the lens of contemporary photography. From New Mexico and Nevada across California and all the way out to the Farallon Islands, Felzmann will talk about building archives and how this led him to book making, presenting work from all six of his monographs, focusing on and ending with Apophenia his most recent publication. Apophenia is the human tendency to perceive meaningful patterns with random information, and, his latest monograph is a weaving together of a collection of historic postcards sent to his father paired with his stunning photographs. The talk will focus on Felzmann’s approach to photography that connects the environment with humanity, intuition versus concepts, and his plans for a future digital photo archive of California supported by a recent Guggenheim fellowship.

Lukas Felzmann is an artist, author, and educator who taught photography at Stanford for 25 years before retiring in June 2018. He is currently an Affiliated Scholar at the Bill Lane Center and a 2018-19 Guggenheim Fellow.  

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Bill Lane Center for the American West
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