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Climate Change Adaptation

Governance Challenges and Sea Level Rise Adaptation: the US Experience

Our work on climate change adaptation recognizes the need for new infrastructure and policies while acknowledging the great challenges our local, state and national governments face as they attempt to collaborate across jurisdictional lines with private and nonprofit organizations and individual actors. The Center is committed to exploring how communities can develop resilience to a warming climate in an equitable and effective way. Using both sea level rise and wildfire as case studies, we investigate the technologies and planning and policy measures that can be used to enhance climate resilience, while also examining the obstacles communities face in selecting and implementing adaptation measures.

Tracking our changing climate and presenting the best available data in a regularly updated, shareable and interactive format has also been a goal of the Center. Our EcoWest Data Visualization Project maps environmental conditions and paints a vivid picture of the climate challenges the Center will continue to tackle. 



Sea Level Rise Adaptation Project

Our work on sea level rise allows students to engage with researchers at Stanford and practitioners in the Bay Area to better understand the issues that decision-makers face when contemplating climate change adaptation projects. This project explores what it means for communities to be resilient, and the challenges neighboring jurisdictions in collaborating to reach that goal in an equitable and effective way. 


Ecowest Drought Map

EcoWest Data Visualizations

The collaborative project EcoWest Data Visualizations seeks to take the best available data on environmental conditions and present them in a shareable and interactive format.