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Bruce Cain - Back to Compromise

August 2023
Grey Matter with Michael Krasny

Bill Lane Center Director Bruce Cain joins Michael Krasny on his "Grey Matter" podcast for an episode called, "Back to Compromise." 

At the time of recording, Trump had just received his third indictment for his role in the January 6th insurrection. Cain offers greater perspective on the state of politics in a fragile democracy. One of the nation's great political analysts, Cain reflects on Trump's many self-made challenges, the options before the Republican and Democratic parties, the relevance of polling, the vulnerabilities of our democratic system, and ideas to help get the system of governance back on track.

On top of all that impedes American politics, reacting to changes in the climate heightens the need for timely action. This is a perfect storm. And yet, there is hope. Cain's latest book reflects on how we will likely find ways to decarbonize in the long run, even if we don't move fast enough to avoid the inevitable disruption that climate change will bring in the short run. Cain argues that deniers change their tune when they experience extreme weather effects first hand. He adds that, "...ultimately it is a cultural thing." Education, religions and journalism will be where we find ways to combat the forces that manipulate us. We'll have to find our way back to political compromise, for that is how James Madison envisioned our system must function.